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Art and science

Let yourself be inspired by the world of Kahlumen

Your special moment

Kahlumen is an innovative feature that plunges a distressed person into an atmosphere of serenity through poetry.
This amazement activates your mirror neurons, for better benefiting from color, light and music frequencies.

The combination of light frequencies alone, or coupled with music, shifts the brain waves from a “stressed” conscious state to a “relaxed” semi-awake state.

A non-invasive method

Kahlumen’s importance is its contribution of joy and enchantment. Together, they bring a person into a state of deep natural relaxation without the need for medication or special techniques such as meditation.

No need for isolation during the session; the person remains in contact with their environment.

Designed for anybody on earth!

The participant simply lies down underneath the light to discover well-being.

It only takes a 30-minute session to be convinced and to embark on a new way of life.

Redesigning sleep

Due to the prolonged use of monitors, jet lag, or any other problem related to relaxation, Kahlumen allows you to rebalance your circadian rhythm. Kahlumen accompanies you as well in the planning of your environment as in the initiation of good cerebral mechanisms.
Hanging above your bed, our products will take you towards enchanting dreams.


Swiss product based on scientific study.

Can be used from 0 to 99 years and more.

No side effects known to date.

Results of our scientific study on request.