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In 2020, Kahlumen settles in Valais. The many alpine valleys with their breathtaking views inspire the shape of this side lamp.

The buds of the fruit trees, protected by the frost, are the symbol of the lamp’s heart. They also symbolize birth, blossoming, changes of state, renewal, pre-flowering, in other words, refinement combined with aesthetics.

Like the tree, THE BUD; narrow at the foot opens to life and seeks light. The three protective feet carry the bud.

THE BUD is at the frontier of the series and the unique piece.

Meticulous know-how

It is the combination of noble essences and high-tech materials.

The cellulose of cotton flower from Afghanistan is used to achieve excellence in paper.

Revisiting and maintaining an ancestral know-how

Using ancient techniques and make them contemporary is our strength and is part of our foundation.

Archaic art inspires weaving.

The making of handmade dipped paper is combined with fiber optics and allows a subtle diffusion of light.

Timeless and  functional

At your bedside, THE BUD helps you fall asleep or wake up. In your living room, it magnifies the space.


THE FROZEN BUD is in white light.

THE SPRING BUD is in green light.

THE EVENINIG BUD is in red light and promotes sleep.

THE MORNING BUD is in blue light and helps to wake up.




Its ambient light, its scientific potential linked to neurosciences guarantee unforgettable moments of relaxation, contemplation and pure happiness. Materials: walnut or cherry tree essence. THE FROZEN BUD is emitting white light. Two temperatures to choose from. Its metal ring emphasizes the shapes, stabilizes the object and facilitates the maintenance of the LED.


  • Model



    Electrical standards: international
    LED power : 1W for a 120 lumens flux
    Lifetime: more than 50'000 hours of lighting


    Switch with dimmer

Your Kahlumen, your music

Music in the heart of your intimate moment.

To enhance the effects of relaxation, we suggest the addition or creation of a sound and light show with the music of your choice.

For a 100% personalized creation, our composer is at your disposal.

© Patrick Schranz

Sustainable development

Kahlumen's action in sustainable development is anchored in transmitted or lived values.
Kahlumen finds its roots in the sense of responsibility, the quest for authenticity, the respect of time. We want to leave a positive footprint on the world. Since the origin, our companions are more than ever at the center of our attention and our approach to progress.

Integration at Kahlumen: a commitment to diversity.

The partnership with www.aag-fg.ch, an institution for mentally handicapped people, guarantees an ethical production.

Innovation and solidarity are the workshop's raison d'être.

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