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Our experiences

The world of art

Eager to offer richer, more innovative and more personalized experiences to its clients, Kahlumen stands out in the art scene.

The artistic career of the artist Kami combined with her ingenuity, her audacity, her dynamism, her reputation and her passion have allowed Kahlumen to be brought to life and presented from 2013 to date.

2024 Luminous therapeutic lace rental

Art and science for points de suspension.

2024 Clinic Algea Corminboeuf

Duo of therapeutic luminous lace. Art and science for Clinic Algea.

2023 Festival Lumina St-Maurice


2022 – 2023 Espace Borabora Geneva


2022 Mase

Exhibition presentation of THE BUD

2021 Romont

Art and science for the fondation Glâne

2021 Kerzers

Exhibition presentation of KOCOON

2020 – 2021 Bicubic

Sound and light: between transparency and opacity. Duration 30 min
Sound system Stenheim.com

2019 Murten Light Festival

Attended by 90’000 visitors
5 light installations including one underwater
Sound system Stenheim.com

2018 Murten Light Festival

Attended by 80’000 visitors
45m2 of Kahlumen in the center of the church
Sound and light: between transparency and opacity. Duration 30 min
Sound system Stenheim.com

2018 Art Container

Sound and light

Sound and Light

2018 Gallery 9A

2017 Musée gruérien

Exhibition Meringue light

2016 Stroff- Strasbourg

The music “Nocturne de Chopin” allows an escape. Temporality 4:40.

2013 La Liberté

In situ installation in the company’s image. Combination of paper and Kahlumen.
The light randomly and autonomously changes colors.