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Our services

The changing needs of consumers

To meet this growing demand for customized content, technical expertise and knowledge, our staff is happy to advise you at your home.

We optimize the creative process on site. This allows you to find the perfect match for your personality or corporate identity.

We listen to your wishes, your requirements and your budget. Each request requires a unique solution. Our team of professionals will respond as quickly as possible. Everything is personalized, from the production of the label to the installation, assembly and molding of the Kahlumen. 

Feasibility study

An appointment at your place allows us to realize a feasibility study at the architectural, artistic and technological level.

To anticipate is to save. The earlier the project is set up, the more we will gain in aesthetics, manpower and time.

This study has a fixed price which is deductible at the time of the order.

Custom-made realizations

This is our strength, we propose realizations said in situ, for the place and with the place.

The optical fibers are machined to measure: everything is at your choice, their length, their diameter and the number per beam, just like the light diffusing zones.

The LEDs are also machined independently for each project.

Sales – rentals

The products of our collection are available for sale. The delivery time varies depending on the ethical production.

We also offer a certain stock of first generation Kahlumen for rent. This way you can get acquainted with our products for a certain period of time.

Contact us for more information on sales or locations as well as stock availability.

Audio excellence

As an ambassador of the company www.stenheim.com, we offer you a complete harmony between the visual and the auditory.

We offer the development of new combinations of light frequencies with your music.

After sales services

Your Kahlumen can take on a new life by changing its shape, we offer you to sculpt it differently on the spot.


A 10 year product warranty.

General conditions

They are given with the architectural and technological feasibility study.