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The universe of Kahlumen

Its DNA is the contraction of “Ka” from the artist’s name Kami and “lumen” the unit for measuring light.
In ancient Egypt, “Ka” is an immaterial component of gods and men. It is a complex notion which has several meanings.
The “Ka” designates the vitality of a being, namely the faculty to accomplish all the acts of life. It is a double spirit or vital energy.

The Kahlumen company was created in 2020 in Freiburg.

Kami, creator of worlds, a visionary who innovates since 2010 with luminous papers.  During this period, she combines art and technology by creating sound and light installations. She balances the aesthetics of art and technology with accuracy and humanity.

The partnership with the composer Wataru Miyakawa began in 2009 and continues to this day.

Looking forward to challenges, she extracts the high-tech material of cellulose to develop the luminous sound lace in 2017. She presented this project to the public for the first time during the large-scale exhibition “Meringue Light” at the Musée gruérien in Bulle. Art and science meet to elaborate our own statistics: a study of the benefits of light frequencies, colors and music on the human being.

The numerous sources of inspiration generate links that nourish the in situ installations with added emotional values. The refined aesthetic opens the field to everything, creates worlds, magnifies the space, weaves a composite story.

In the course of time, our installations are shown in various light festivals, art galleries and theaters, proving their adaptability and providing sensory experiences to visitors. Kahlumen’s eloquence never fails to amaze visitors of all generations, cultures and social backgrounds.

Kahlumen is ambassador of the www.stenheim.com company which sonorizes its installations. Thus, it is quite naturally that in 2021, their collaboration and future projects push Kami to establish the Kahlumen company in the heart of the Swiss Alps, in Vétroz.  The power of the mountains is the inspiration for THE BUD lamp.

Our manufacture

The creative act

The strength of the concept lies in the mastering of a skill and the constant evolution of a technique. During the so-called laboratory periods we explore high-tech materials at their potential and their limits, which Kami calls “happy accidents”. These allow us to go beyond our initial expectations.

Technical perfection calls for aesthetic perfection, therefore all our components are custom-made and produced by specialists. We do not know programmed obsolescence, we bet on quality for the long term.

The art of manufacturing is privileged. All Kahlumen are hand woven, thread by thread, thanks to our workshop helpers.

Our philosophy

Revisit and maintain an ancestral know-how

Using ancient techniques and make them contemporary is our strength and is part of our foundation.

Archaic art inspires weaving.

The making of handmade dipped paper is combined with fiber optics and allows a subtle diffusion of light.

Sustainable development

Our roots

Kahlumen finds its roots in the sense of responsibility, the quest for authenticity, the respect of time. We want to leave a positive footprint on the world. Since the origin, our companions are more than ever at the center of our attention and our approach to progress.

Kahlumen’s action in sustainable development is based on transmitted or lived values.

© Patrick Schranz

Integration at Kahlumen: a commitment to diversity

The partnership with www.aag-fg.ch, an institution for mentally handicapped people, guarantees an ethical production.

Being innovative and solidarity-based, a raison d’être for the workshop

From June to November 2020, the first testing stage is conclusive on all points.
May 2021, setting up of the first Kahlumen workshop with a team of 6 people 3 days a week. They participate essentially in the weaving of the Kahlumen and the creation of by-products.
Walking a path together in order to guarantee a local production and reduce transports. Hand in hand, we are sensitive to our planet.


Kahlumen masters, respects and sublimates the most beautiful materials. Preserve, protect, enhance, optimize, recycle… We are committed to a sustainable and rational use of the planet’s resources.

It is important to us to recycle whatever we can to protect our environment, such as our thousands of pre-assembled flanges.