Our flagship products

Beauty and passion at your service.

Kahlumen is the first Swiss luminaire whose poetic approach plunges a stressed person into an atmosphere of serenity. It is designed for medical environments and spas.

Much more than a lamp, a masterpiece!

A sculpture that magnifies hotels and companies interiors for those who wish to create a calm and elegant space favorable to dialogue and negotiations.

It can be used by anyone on earth who cares about their quality of life or who loves aesthetics and luxury.

The universe of Kahlumen

Its DNA is the contraction of "Ka" from the artist's name Kami and "lumen" the unit for measuring light.

It is the expression of a passion that grows with the innovative technological evolution, that matures with science, that keeps its worldwide monopoly and that takes shape in the world of luxury through our art manufacture.

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Art & science

Our method creates serenity in joy and invites you to reinvent your well-being.

A Swiss product related to our own scientific study directed by a neurologist. No isolation during the session, the person remains in touch with his environment.

We offer a true state of relaxation of effortless and non-invasive relaxation.

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Our experiences

The artistic career of the artist Kami combined with her ingenuity, her audacity, her dynamism, her reputation and her passion have allowed Kahlumen to be brought to life and presented from 2013 to date.

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Our services

Each piece of art requires a unique solution.

The best skills are at your service. Our company is reactive and dynamic.
We offer the world affordable quality Swiss products.

The manufacture of art is privileged as well as the ethical realization

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