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Majestic, it sublimates all spaces! This evidence is made since 2017.

It’s innovative, bold, specific, aesthetic, luxurious and therapeutic. It unites sculpture, light and music in one. An artistic force that opens up all possibilities in association with high-tech technology.

Our worldwide monopoly guarantees you a unique work!

Its ambient light, its scientific potential combined with neurosciences guarantee unforgettable moments of relaxation, contemplation and pure happiness.

Thanks to our art manufacture, every FIRST is unique. They are hand-woven thread by thread.

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The flexibility of the FIRST with its metal frame allows it to be shaped on site in the most suitable form for the location. It can be modified according to your wishes, over time. The magic of randomly changing light is the simplest option. The size of the FIRST is 3 m x 1.50 m. The combination of several FIRSTs is infinitely adaptable to any space. FIRST can be installed indoors and underwater. The outdoor conditions are to be studied depending on the place. Depending on your taste, the finishing flanges come in black, white or a combination of both. Designed for ease of use, a remote control allows you to easily enter the experience.





    3 m x 1,5 m
    Can be doubled, tripled… to infinity


    Electrical standards: international
    LED power: 15 W
    Housing: natural anodized aluminum or black paint
    Lifetime: more than 20'000 hours of lighting


    Easy access with a push of a button
    Remote control for color variation management


    The LED box is equipped with components for sound and light programming. DMX management

  • Sound

    Kahlumen is an ambassador of https://www.stenheim.com. In addition, we can provide you with excellent audio

  • Mounting

    Lightweight and minimalist, FIRST floats in space

Your Kahlumen, your music

Music in the heart of your intimate moment.

To enhance the effects of relaxation, we suggest the addition or creation of a sound and light show with the music of your choice.

For a 100% personalized creation, our composer is at your disposal.

© Patrick Schranz

Sustainable development

Kahlumen's action in sustainable development is anchored in transmitted or lived values.
Kahlumen finds its roots in the sense of responsibility, the quest for authenticity, the respect of time. We want to leave a positive footprint on the world. Since the origin, our companions are more than ever at the center of our attention and our approach to progress.

Integration at Kahlumen: a commitment to diversity.

The partnership with www.aag-fg.ch, an institution for mentally handicapped people, guarantees an ethical production.

Innovation and solidarity are the workshop's raison d'être.

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