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  • limited editions

A 4-month artist residency in NYC in 2019 whose goal was to combine two types of lighting: neon and fiber optics, while keeping the criteria of our strength related to art and science.

A light sculpture, print of 5 pieces, on order:



Desire for exclusivity?

For the aesthetes and art lovers, we are attentive to your desires.

We materialize your emotions as well as your recollections. Your favorite materials are integrated into the project.

The transfer of property rights comes automatically with the delivery of the artwork.

The starting point of your project

A simple personal meeting or zoom to gather the required information for our creative approach.

An opportunity to talk about it

Our Favorites

With one-of-a-kind pieces or small batch prints, we are faithful to the world of sculpture.

Kami, a visionary, loves the so-called laboratory periods in her lair in Vétroz.

Innovative works are born from her research, her tests and her passion. These creative moments keep us artistically and technologically ahead: with Kahlumen, we have the world monopoly.

© Patrick Schranz

Sustainable development

Kahlumen's action in sustainable development is anchored in transmitted or lived values.
Kahlumen finds its roots in the sense of responsibility, the quest for authenticity, the respect of time. We want to leave a positive footprint on the world. Since the origin, our companions are more than ever at the center of our attention and our approach to progress.

Integration at Kahlumen: a commitment to diversity.

The partnership with www.aag-fg.ch, an institution for mentally handicapped people, guarantees an ethical production.

Innovation and solidarity are the workshop's raison d'être.

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